Harmony corner on the Volga.

 The customer of the grandiose complex in Zavidovo often came to these places for rest and so loved them that decided to organize an oasis of peace on the banks of the Volga.

Architect Ivan Kachalov unconventionally approached the concept of hunting and fishing base with a total area of 4.5 HECTARES. He proposed to create a modern comfortable space, including residential and technical buildings.

 Filigree work with the landscape has already become a hallmark of the Bureau, and this concept is no exception. Ivan used all the features of the landscape to create a single organic complex.

 The main house is located on the mountain, next to it built guest houses, kitchen and garage with apartments for staff on the second floor. The complex includes a swimming pool with running heated water and a real Russian bath. Boathouse, slipway for yachts, gazebo over water, even a kennel for beloved dog – everything is sustained in uniform style, which in spite of the modern forms is fully consistent with the General view and mood of the area.