Work on the project of the restaurant Siberia Moscow began with a global reconstruction. The two-storey building in the center of Moscow with a luxurious internal volume looked like a self-building: open space, nine-meter ceilings, a light lantern, multi-level platforms, various cables and communications everywhere. And in addition to all the transformer booth and one huge column in the center. First of all, the architects removed the column, leveled the mezzanine and moved the stairs to another place. The owner of the restaurant loves France, so the interior features characteristic of French interiors from classics to Provence and modernity. To organize a large volume and give the interior features of the French interior with history, the architects built a "fragment of the facade" inside the building with an impressive entrance portal and high windows, thus creating the illusion of a European courtyard. As a result, the space was divided into two parts: the landing zone inside the open hall with a lantern and outside the improvised facade.

The restaurant has several levels connected by stairs and galleries. To facilitate the perception, the fence is made of transparent glass. Laconic, without engravings and artistic elements.

The second level is open galleries and lounge with fireplace and sloping attic ceiling. On the operated roof in the summer there is a veranda, which is planned to be opened all-season.