Aesthetics and functionality.


 Office area of 360 square meters in the Federation tower, was one of the most interesting projects. The problem was complicated by the non-standard shape of the room – a triangle with rounded corners and the presence of columns and semi-columns that "ate" the space. Also, one of the customer requirements was to create a front hall with an area of 50-60 sq. m., which could be used as the main entrance to the office, but at the same time without losing the functionality of this area.

 Thus the solution was born – in the middle of the hall we built a transparent meeting room, which on the one hand leaves a sense of space, and on the other hand gives the very necessary functionality that we wanted to keep.

 The office includes a hall, a reception area, a meeting room, management offices, a staff workspace and a common dining area. Wood panels American walnut with lights bring together all areas of a unified stylistic concept and define the rhythm of the room. In the offices of the columns and half-columns


we sheathed the same wood, and formed niches decorated as shelves for books and stylish accessories. Doors manufactured by the Italian factory Blu Interni, which we used in this room, have a unique feature – they do not have platbands.   The aluminum frame is mounted directly into the wall, the door leaf is then hung on hidden hinges, and the door can be designed for any material and color, turning it into a self-sufficient design element. In the principal’s office we used the same wooden panels of American walnut, and the columns were marked with copper plates, this combination gives status and respectability to the space.

 Furniture – sofa group Minotti, Walter Knoll table and chairs Fritz Hansen - complete the elegant and timeless look of the office.

Open space, where the employees' desks are located, we used XAL lamps, white tables and cabinets, giving the space dynamism and modernity.

This office is the embodiment of such a rare combination of aesthetics and functionality.