The office of architectural bureau ARCHSTROI fully reflects its essence – a young, modern and highly professional company. The office is located in the building of the late 19th century on the territory of the plant «Moscow silk». History itself dictated to Ivan Kachalov the style and mood of the space in which complex and elegant architectural solutions are created — a loft with old walls, pipes and columns.

 The architect kept the brickwork and left the fire tube, painted in vibrant red color to accent their former purpose. Self-leveling concrete floor further emphasizes the modernity and even a certain technogenic design. In addition, another important practicality – this floor does not require special care.

  The portal separating the area of director from the team area is made of onyx. This unique pattern design ideas – interior frame made of transparent Plexiglas, the flowing light of the diodes causes the portal to glow. The office of the architectural Bureau is his business card. For his office Ivan Kachalov chose the most modern and technological furniture. The chairs of the famous Swiss furniture brand Vitra, in which the Bureau team works, are recognized as real masterpieces of office furniture. You can easily see these design icons in any American movie that shows scenes from office life. Desktops – production of factory MDF Italia, which makes one-of-a-kind ultramodern pieces of furniture. Ivan decorated the ceiling with XAL lamps – glowing tubes are located at different heights, emphasizing the innovative approach to design.

 Barely crossing the threshold of the office, you realize that you are exactly where you will help to create a place to live, which you dreamed of.