From the windows of the apartment on one of the last floors of the capital's elite high-rise "Kutuzovskaya Riviera" offers a dizzying view of Moscow. Panoramic windows became a spectacular solution that requires a certain approach in interior design. The apartment belongs to a couple who invited the team of our bureau to design the interior.

Ivan suggested one of the most impressive styles – art deco. Previously, a lot of work has been done on redevelopment. The team brilliantly solved the problem of dividing the apartment into 2 zones – general and private.

"The best solution was to create a circular layout with secret doors separating private areas from public areas. The main areas we lined up along the windows, and utility (bathrooms, closets) made in the centre into an independent unit and the "spun" the layout around", - says Ivan Kachalov. This layout has allowed to solve another problem – the obscurity of the premises that remote from the windows.

Art Deco is not only the severity of forms, but above all, restrained luxury, so only the highest quality interior materials were used – solid wood oak floor, onyx for decoration of master bedroom, marble with fossilized Ammonites, furniture and textiles of luxury European brands.